Chai with CEOs


The Chai

The Chai   Tasting on satisfaction, Bitterness wilting ceaselessly as the sun waits on my skin. It’s an excellent day today. To my right side, The imagination is flourishing Psyches are loaded up with reflection; She can’t be halted. The pencil moves as the shading engraves With the sorcery of a hand, This is every …

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Tea from the Porcelain

Tea From the Porcelain   The Dusty and earthy scent of the rain,Makes me want to pour from the porcelain. Oh! those split splat sounds,Sways away the unfettered grounds. The first sip of the tea,Is as peaceful as the undersea,Making life a little less monotonous,And the worries frivolous. The brazen thunder strikes,Resonating the hardships of …

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Dark Clouds and Tea

Dark Clouds and Tea It soothes me,Every time you visit, it blooms me. With a cup of tea and a spirit so free,I wait for you to capture me. Capture me with your freshness, engulf me with glee.I see the dark clouds, I see you’re here,I run to the kitchen to get this benison so …

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