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Starting a New Business

Getting the initial kick on your Entrepreneurship Venture

Nowadays, the world is frequently changing and going through moments of crisis. Take the year of 2020, where people from all across the globe were taken by surprise by the new virus, which made us stay home and adapt our fast-paced routines. These moments of immediate change, and sometimes a bit chaos, are not always negative. They can bring an impulse of new opportunities and ideas, and lots of entrepreneurs get on board on putting these ideas on paper.


For the market in general, crisis bring an urge to finding short term solutions, and sometimes those become long term, being helpful for upcoming scenarios for the future. This seeking for solutions causes economic incentive for new business to rise, creating new jobs and new projects in the most diverse areas. It’s a full circle.


As an entrepreneur during these times of doubt, one should take a very proactive position in seeking new opportunities, because they eventually will show up. Starting up with an open mind and a strategic vision on the long run can help you to maximize an opportunity on the market. 


Some entrepreneurs who have started small and landed big have shared some advice for finding enterings on the market. Caterine Fake, the co-founder of Flickr, a pioneer and giant company on providing both private and public image storage has said:

“Pick a good market. The idea for approaching that market may change but find a meaty problem to solve. You can try to attack it a bunch of different ways. Don’t be too narrow.”


According to other experts on entrepreneurship, good ideas may take time to develop, but the initial step to be proactive on developing it can start very quickly. Opportunities are out there, right now, so are real world problems seeking for solutions.


A small start can be the beginning of a long and rewarding road, that was walked down once by all big entrepreneurs out there. Being proactive and landing your ideas on paper are great ways to kick off your venture on entrepreneurship, and this is the fundamental incentive presented to you today if you are bound to start up.