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Starting a New Business

Being proactive on your initial steps

Landing your ideas for a start-up or a project is the start point of an adventure that can be very rewarding. The world and the people living on it are faced with new challenges and situations every day, and as entrepreneurs, this can represent a huge window of opportunities to present solutions and ideas to make life easier or present something that no one realized how much they needed it. As we discussed on the last blog, “Getting the initial kick on your entrepreneurship venture, it is very important to be proactive when you are starting. But what does pro-activity mean when it comes to entrepreneurship?

In general, a proactive person is not waiting for something to happen in their life in order to respond to it. They are constantly preparing for situations and scenarios that may come up, so when it happens, or if it happens, they have the tools and knowledge to deal with it. Athletes are great examples of a proactive approach. A great performance is just the tip of the iceberg for a successful athlete. Behind all of it, a “pre-game” preparation takes place, which can mean they are examining their opponents and preparing their bodies and minds to the competition days. If they win, they will know that what they did was right, and if they lose, they will have new information on how to improve and correct the pre-game steps. Business works like that too

As an entrepreneur, you may encounter some roadblocks. But the important thing is to be prepared for it if it arrives, with no fear of the unexpected. A great way to prepare, and to pave the way for the future is to document your ideas and concepts, as well as the next steps on your business. By creating a timeline of your work, you can always go back to review on what work and what did not, and these files can help you to prepare when facing certain challenges on the long run. From your initial steps, it’s important to have your ideas on paper, and to document your resources as well, meaning in which ways did you get to that point.

Keeping an open mind is also key. When trying to rash out ideas, take an approach to brainstorming. It may take a little time, but write down phrases, words, concepts or even take some images that connect to your idea. In the end you may look at it and have a new idea, or an improved idea of your original one. It’s a great approach to get on a flow, and to get to a new point.

Another tip is to take a closer look on your routine, the conversations you have with colleagues and mentors, what type of activities you’re doing on your free time. How is that impacting you as a person and entrepreneur, and what can be improved or maintained in order to fulfil your expectations and goals? This is a proactive approach that can stimulate you as an entrepreneur to develop and nurture your objectives and ideas, and to act in the present in order to make energetic impacts on the future.

Overall, take action, and don’t be afraid of the future. It will inevitably come, and you can prepare for it. In business, there is no perfect recipe for success, but there is definitely a journey of knowledge and a lot of work. So, dear reader, get your hands dirty, your mind open and raise your cup of tea!