Chai with CEOs

In Tea and good Hope


There’s hope in my heart
Of faint dreams and soothing aspirations
My future seems bleak, as i venture deeper

There’s rain outside my window
The pitter-patter of the soft falling sparkles of magic
They dance to the music they make

I sniff onto the smell of fresh earth
Embracing the feeling of satisfaction it brought me
There’s a faint tranquility in the air

As I slip away from the world of my dreams,
Securing the book in my arms,
I look at the simmering happiness
That’s been bubbling in excitement

With a smile on my face,
I take a sip –
I sigh in content, as I gulp it down
That familiar feeling of revival, returning to me

Maybe my future isn’t so bleak
Maybe my dreams aren’t too far
Here i am – And  I will conquer it.


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