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The Chai with CEOs Network is a close community of the CEOs.
It is a place to build life-long friendships and business connections.
A place where “Magic Happens”

CEOs Helping Communities grow. Over a cup of Tea

We CEOs are the Changemakers. We dream it. We do it.

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Nope. This is an invite-only network. You have to agree to our CWC Pledge at your time of joining.

We organize monthly networking sessions. We are currently sticking to online meetups. There will be a yearly trip given the circumstances are alright

There are no additional sleazy charges. We would however charge for providing any of our services listed above. We will let you know our rates before working on anything

Here goes:

  1. I will make the world a better place to live in
  2. I will help other businesses grow
  3. I will be respectful to everyone

Glad you asked! You get to be a part of something awesome! You get to be the changemakers of your city. Other benefits include networking with like-minded CEOs, discounts on Hotels & other Services. We also attract a huge pool of talent. As a result, you can hire using our platform too.

After completing a special deed for the CWC community, you get an exclusive CWC Card which can be used to connect to our Worldwide network, amongst many more other privileges.